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Why Your Home Service Company Needs Phone Scripts

Updated: May 31, 2021

Are you losing money because of an untrained, unhelpful, or uninformed phone team? From plumbing to HVAC, cleaning crews to pest control, remodelers to electricians — your call-takers and dispatchers set the tone for your company, and that tone can make or break your conversion rates.

That’s why I’m a firm believer in scripts for home service providers. I’ve helped many companies convert more leads by simply improving that first phone conversation. Here’s why you need phone scripts for your home service business.

Phone Scripts for Service Company

Create A Good First Impression

Your call-takers don’t just set the schedule. They’re an indispensable piece of the booking process.

Whether you have a dedicated customer service team or one person who handles all the front office tasks, this is your customers’ first impression…

And you’ll never get a second chance to give an amazing first impression.

Not only will customers shy away if that first contact isn’t a good one, but they’ll tell their friends and family about that bad experience — statistically they’ll tell 9+ people!

Your dispatch team affects old and new customers, for better or worse. Make sure you control the tone and message your customer receives. A script will give a warm and consistent welcome every time the phone rings.

Build A Trustworthy Relationship

You likely know your call-takers pretty well. You see them regularly and have developed a relationship with them. You’re familiar with their personality, their sense of humor, and what makes them tick.

But to customers, your call-taker is nothing more than a stranger.

A well-written phone script will help your team make a friend on the phone by:

  • Listening closely to the customer and responding appropriately

  • Using the customer’s name in conversation

  • Asking the right questions that show understanding

  • Empathizing with their situation

Including these details in the flow of your script will build trust and increase booking rates.

Overcome Objections

Many customers have questions about your service, process, pricing, experience, and so much more. When these questions don’t get answered, they quickly turn into objections in your customers mind. Scripts help your employees overcome objections before they arise.

Ask your phone team about the most common objections they hear, then give them the tools to anticipate and overcome the hurdles. Your script can naturally include phrases that handle objections gracefully.

Your script will prepare employees to clear up customers’ doubts with ease. You can also prevent objections from even arising by showing the customer what makes your company special. This happens through value.

Create Value

The best phone scripts encourage sales by creating value. Your script can demonstrate your uniqueness and how you deliver on promises.

Do your technicians have special certifications? Have you been in business a long time? Are you available for same-day appointments? Do you offer service after hours and on weekends? All of these benefits can be shared with the customer in the natural flow of conversation. These highlights help convince customers you’re the right choice for their needs.

Beyond that, your script can offer other solutions to customers who hesitate. Can you mention a senior or military discount? Are you running any current specials? Can you find room in the schedule to accommodate them sooner? Do you have a customized solution that no other company can offer? A good script will have one or more of these solutions built-in, to make selling your services even easier.

Phone scripts can feel a bit awkward at first, but with practice and personalization, they can become one of your most powerful tools.

Now, I gotta know — do you use phone scripts for your CSRs? Has it helped create a better experience for customers? Or helped your company convert more calls? Tell me in the comments! 👇

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