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How To Launch Your New Home Improvement Business On Social Media

Updated: May 31, 2021

You’ve just started a new home improvement company and you want to start filling your schedule with work. It can be hard to get the word out about your business, especially when you have no reputation or social media following. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

With the help of social media, it has never been easier or more affordable to market a company.

Social Media is an excellent way for potential customers to learn about the services you offer before hiring you for their next project. With these simple steps, you’ll learn how to launch your new home improvement business on social media.

If you follow these easy steps, not only will people know who you are but they will also see what kind of work you do and trust in your abilities as a contractor. This is how you can successfully launch your new home improvement company on social media today!

Social Media for home improvement business

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For A Home Improvement Business?

Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers. But how do you know which platform will work best for your business?

It’s tough to decide which social media platform is best for a home improvement business when there are so many options. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all been used successfully by businesses in the past. But they all have their own benefits and drawbacks and it can be overwhelming trying to use them all.

Here’s the truth: you don’t need to be on every single platform to have a successful social media presence. Only one or two may be right (or necessary) for your company.

It’s important that you know your audience before deciding which platform will best reach them. By taking time to evaluate your ideal customers and their needs, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which social media platform will work best for you.

In general, research shows that Facebook is the best platform for a home improvement business to use. This social media site has more than 2 billion active monthly users and it’s estimated that about 30% of all US adults are on this popular site every day.

The average user spends almost 60 minutes a day browsing their news feed, which means they have plenty of time to see your posts. If your company isn’t on Facebook, set up an account as soon as possible!

Social Media Marketing

Should My Business Use Visual Social Platforms?

For home service businesses, showing off your craftsmanship helps build trust and earn customers.

People love seeing before and after pictures of remodel projects, repairs and installations. It’s proof that you know what you’re doing.

Potential customers can get an idea of what results to expect if they hire you. Seeing your handiwork will give leads confidence that their money will be well spent.

That’s why visual social media platforms are so powerful for home improvement companies and contractors. While you can (and should!) share pictures and videos of your work on Facebook, using dedicated visual marketing platforms like Instagram and YouTube are a great strategy.

Visual marketing is an excellent way to reach new customers while keeping your old ones engaged. Visual media is more engaging than text-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This type of content is easy to consume on mobile devices, so it’s perfect for reaching people who primarily use social media on their phones.

And these networks are great for promoting your business because they allow you to post images of what you do without having to write out descriptions all the time. That means less work for you!

Don’t bog yourself down by launching your new business on too many platforms at once. I recommend starting with Facebook and Instagram if this is where your audience spends most of their time.

Once you are familiar with those platforms and can manage them successfully, consider adding YouTube as well.

What Should My Business Post On Social Media?

What should your home service company post on social media? This is a question that many business owners struggle with.

There are so many different content types you can create, and each one has its own set of best practices to follow. It’s hard to know where to start, what will work, or if you’re doing it right.

The first thing you need to do is get to know your ideal customer. The person you want to attract is one who needs the most from you, so it’s important to know them well.

You’ll need a sense of their personality and what they like in order to give them exactly what they’re looking for on social media. Who is your target customer? What are their demographics, interests, needs and desires?

Hopefully you’ve already done some of this research when deciding which platforms your company should use.

If you know who you’re trying to reach, then you can create content that serves them well — content that interests and informs them, and moves them to take the next step and hire your company.

Content Ideas For Contractors

Thankfully there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can post on your social media outlets.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content formats: quotes, videos, images, etc. Here are some top performing content ideas for home service providers:

  • Company updates

  • Tips for homeowners and other contractors

  • Industry news

  • Building safety tips and regulations

  • Photos of recent projects

  • Employee features

  • Favorite quotes about construction work or life in general from famous people

  • Time lapse videos of your work

  • Before and after pictures of recent projects

  • “How to” content

  • Information on the best tools for your trade

  • Seasonal advice

  • Benefits of hiring a professional contractor for home improvements

  • How to prepare for [your service]

  • What to know before hiring a contractor

  • Suggestions for DIY projects homeowners can handle themselves

  • The best ways to save money on [your service]

  • Common mistakes people make when doing their own home improvement projects and how to avoid them

  • Your thoughts about a current event

  • Ask for feedback on an article or blog post you wrote and share the link with people who might be interested in it

  • Funny videos or memes that relate to your trade

  • Interesting articles from trade journals

  • Share about an industry event you are hosting or attending

  • Customer testimonials

Don’t get hung up by trying too many new things at once. It can take time before something starts working well enough for it to become part of your regular posting routine.

It may help to plan your social media strategy using content buckets. Here's how: Content Bucket Ideas for Contractors To Save Time On Social Media

Keep experimenting until something sticks. When there’s good engagement on one of your posts, recognize what you did right and try to recreate it.

Best Practices For A Business Posting On Social Media

You’ve put in the work, now it’s time to reap the rewards. You’re finally ready to ramp up your social media marketing game! To see the most success, you’ll need to follow best practices for better engagement on social media so that your business can thrive online.

Create and upload a unique profile image for each social network account you have. This should probably be your logo so it’s easy for people to remember who you are when they see you online.

Update all your company information for accuracy, including phone number, address, website URL, etc., so that people can find you easily online when they search for contractors in their area.

Post at the right time for your audience. Your social media posts should be timely to reach the people who are most interested in your business. Do they scroll their Facebook in the morning before work? Do they fall asleep to YouTube videos? Find out the best times to post on all the big platforms.

When to post on Facebook

Be consistent. Social media is a powerful tool if you post regularly. You’ll find the more you post, the more engagement you’ll get over time. But at the same time, you don’t want to burn yourself out or annoy your audience.

Don’t post too often. It will make people unfollow you if they feel like they’re being spammed by your updates. Find that perfect balance that’s comfortable for you and keeps your audience’s attention.

Engage with other users in the comments section of your posts, or use social media management tools to schedule responses for you.

Use hashtags to find like-minded people and increase your reach. It will help to increase engagement with other users who are interested in the topics you’re posting about.

Create a unique voice for your brand’s social media presence. Don’t be like all the other companies you see. Step outside of your comfort zone and make your brand memorable to potential customers.

Join local groups where homeowners are discussing home improvement projects and offer advice there too. Engage in conversations with potential customers, answer questions, and provide valuable content that will help people make decisions about their projects.

Host a contest or giveaway. These can be great for growing your following and increasing the buzz about your new business. Choose one of the top services you offer and ask for customers to engage in some way to win a discount on that service.

Include a call-to-action when relevant so people know what they should do next (e.g., “click here,” “comment below,” “share your thoughts” or “schedule now”).

Social media doesn't have to overwhelm you and drain your profits! Learn How To Manage Social Media With Limited Time And Budget

Social media has become a major player in the way we do business. With more and more people researching companies online before hiring them, it’s important to have a strong presence for your home improvement company.

Home improvement is a big industry, and it’s not easy to get your business noticed online. Small home improvement companies don’t have the same budget as larger companies, so they need to be smart about how they allocate their resources. With so many home improvers out there trying to get their businesses seen, it can be hard for you to stand out from the crowd.

The best practices here should make people notice you when they are looking at potential contractors for their projects.

I need to know — what is your new business struggling with on social media? Which piece of advice above do you plan to use for better results? Tell me in the comments!


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